• 40 ft container double doors
  • 40ft double door container
  • 40 double door container


The 40' DD (Double Door) Container is equipped with double doors on both ends, allowing for easy access and enhanced versatility in loading and unloading cargo. This container provides ample space and efficient storage options for a wide range of goods. Its dual-door design facilitates smooth operations and streamlines logistics processes, making it a reliable choice for industries that require frequent access and efficient organization of cargo.

Specification of 40′ DD (DOUBLE DOOR)

EXT. DIMENSIONS (L/W/H)12192 x 2438 x 2591 mm
INT. DIMENSIONS (L/W/H)12029 x 2350 x 2350 mm
PAYLOAD28600 kg


2 leaf doors at both ends

it can be entered, loaded or discharged from both ends

Suitable for  storage of goods and can also be separated into compartments

Common Industries That Utilize 40' DD Containers

1. Construction industry: 40' DD containers are often used in the construction industry for storing and transporting construction materials, tools, and equipment. The double-door design allows for easy access and efficient loading/unloading of these items.

2. Retail and merchandising: Retailers often utilize 40' DD containers for temporary or seasonal stores, pop-up shops, or mobile retail spaces. The containers can be customized to create unique and eye-catching retail environments.

3. Event management and hospitality: 40' DD containers are popular in the event management industry for setting up temporary bars, food stalls, ticket booths, and other event facilities. The double-door design allows for quick and convenient setup and dismantling.

4. Agriculture and farming: Agricultural businesses utilize 40' DD containers for storage and transportation of crops, equipment, and livestock feed. The containers can be modified with ventilation, insulation, or refrigeration to meet specific agricultural needs.

5. Film and entertainment industry: Film and television production companies often use 40' DD containers for creating on-location production offices, wardrobe storage, equipment storage, and mobile studios. The containers provide a versatile and secure space for various production needs.

6. Disaster relief and humanitarian aid: 40' DD containers play a crucial role in disaster relief efforts, as they can be used as emergency shelters, mobile clinics, or storage units for supplies and equipment. The double-door design allows for efficient distribution of aid and easy access to resources.

7. Mining and oil exploration: The mining and oil industries utilize 40' DD containers for transporting equipment, tools, and supplies to remote locations. The containers are durable and can withstand harsh environments, making them suitable for these industries' demanding requirements.

8. Logistics and warehousing: 40' DD containers are widely used in the logistics and warehousing industry for secure storage and transportation of goods. The double-door design enhances efficiency in loading and unloading operations, making it easier to manage and organize inventory.

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