Dry Shipping Container For Sale/Rent

The Dry Container is an incredibly versatile container type suitable for the storage and transportation of diverse goods. With its adaptable design, it is capable of accommodating a wide range of products, making it an ideal choice for various industries.

Types of Dry Containers For Sale/Rent

20' Dry Cargo
The 20' Dry Cargo container is a standard-sized container used for transporting dry goods. It provides secure and weather-resistant storage and is widely used for international trade and logistics.
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40' Dry Cargo
The 40' Dry Cargo Container is a spacious and secure solution for transporting dry goods. It offers ample storage capacity and is built to withstand the rigors of transportation.
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The 20' HC (High Cube) Container offers increased vertical space, making it perfect for tall cargo. It provides extra capacity and is suitable for a variety of transport and storage needs.
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The 40' HC (High Cube) Container features increased vertical space, providing extra capacity for tall cargo. It is a versatile solution for transportation and storage needs.
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Five Advantages of a Shipping Container Storage Facility

We summarize five reasons why opening a shipping container storage facility makes business sense, when compared to a traditional storage business.

  • Fast Set Up Time – unlike a regular building construction, which requires significant planning, engineering and regulatory approvals; shipping containers can be delivered on site and are ready for immediate use!

  • Ease Of Expansion – when it comes time to expand your business you can do so easily and quickly, while still using the same footprint! That’s because shipping containers are designed to be stacked. You can double the size of you facility by simply adding a second level of storage containers. It’s easy to access the second level is easy too -- use of a mobile staircase platform or scaffold.

  • Double Door Options – if you purchase new shipping containers for your storage facility we suggest ordering the double door variety. These containers have a set of doors at each end of the container that create a tunnel when opened. The advantage of Double Door Containers is that a removable divider can be easily installed in the middle thus making your facility adaptable to your customer’s demands.    

Creative and Alternative Uses for Dry Containers

  • Doors and windows: Additional doors and windows can be installed to enhance accessibility, natural lighting, and ventilation within the container. Roll-up doors, sliding doors, or glass windows can be added based on the intended use.

  • Insulation: Insulating the dry container helps regulate the internal temperature and prevents condensation. This is especially useful for storing temperature-sensitive items or creating comfortable working or living spaces.

  • Electrical and lighting: Electrical fittings can be added to provide power outlets, lighting fixtures, and other electrical equipment. This is essential for creating functional offices, workshops, or other spaces that require electricity.

  • Partition walls: Partition walls can be installed to divide the container into separate sections or rooms. This is particularly useful for creating separate storage compartments, offices, or living areas within the same container.

  • Shelving and storage systems: Installing shelves, racks, or storage compartments helps optimize space utilization within the container. This is important for creating organized storage solutions or setting up a functional workspace.

  • Plumbing and water supply: Plumbing systems can be integrated into the container for activities such as washing, cooking, or operating sanitary facilities. This is necessary when converting containers into cafes, restaurants, or mobile kitchens.

  • Climate control systems: Air conditioning or heating units can be added to regulate the temperature within the container. This ensures comfort for occupants and prevents damage to temperature-sensitive goods or equipment.

  • Exterior paint and branding: Painting the exterior of the container or adding custom branding and signage helps enhance its aesthetics and brand recognition. This is particularly useful for retail spaces, cafes, or exhibitions.

  • Security features: Locking mechanisms, security doors, and surveillance systems can be installed to ensure the safety and security of the container and its contents.

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