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The 10' DD (Double Door) Container features double doors on both ends, providing easy access and enhanced versatility for loading and unloading cargo. This compact container is perfect for small-scale storage and transportation requirements. Its dual-door design allows for efficient organization of goods and simplifies the process of retrieving items from either end, making it a convenient solution for various industries.

The Role of 10' Double Door Containers in Modern Construction Projects

1. Versatility: 10' Double Door Containers are highly versatile in construction projects. They can be used as temporary storage units for materials and equipment, reducing the risk of theft and damage. They can also be converted into on-site offices, providing a secure and comfortable workspace.

2. Modular Construction: These containers are increasingly being used in modular construction due to their standard size and durability. They can be stacked and arranged to create a variety of structures, from residential homes to commercial buildings, offering a cost-effective and time-efficient building solution.

3. Sustainability: Using 10' Double Door Containers in construction contributes to sustainability. Instead of being discarded, these containers are repurposed, reducing waste. Additionally, their robust design minimizes the need for additional building materials.

4. Ease of Transport: These containers can be easily transported to and from construction sites. This mobility allows for construction in off-site locations, further speeding up project timelines and reducing disruption to the surrounding area.


  • What is the capacity of a 10' DD container?

    The capacity of a 10' DD container varies, but it can typically hold around 560 cubic feet or 15.8 cubic meters of cargo. The weight capacity may vary depending on the specifications of the container.

  • Can I modify a 10' DD container?

    Yes, a 10' DD container can be modified according to your specific requirements. Common modifications include adding shelves, partitions, ventilation systems, insulation, or windows to create an office or storage space.

  • Can I stack 10' DD containers?

    Yes, 10' DD containers are designed to be stackable, allowing for efficient use of space when storing or transporting multiple containers. However, it is important to consider weight distribution and follow proper stacking procedures to ensure safety.

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