WFH Shipping Containers For Sale

WFH offers a wide selection of high-quality shipping containers for sale to meet your storage or transportation needs. Our containers are durable, weather-resistant, and secure, providing a safe and efficient solution for various industries. Whether you require containers for construction sites, businesses, or personal use, we have the perfect solution for you.

Types of Shipping Containers For Sale

Dry Container

Dry Container is the most versatile of all container types and can be used for the storage and transport of a wide range of goods.

Refrigerated Shipping Container

Reefer container is designed for the transport and storage of temperature controlled products. Goods can be kept at a certain temperature for long periods of time by means of built in machinery.

Open Side Container

Open Side Door Container has sides that can be fully or partially opened to access the interior. The sides can be made of steel doors or tarpaulin. Convenient for loading and unloading cargo.

Double Door Container

Double Door container is designed to cater for the storage of different goods in the same container by having doors at both ends.

Specialised Container

We offer a wide range of products, including 20-foot dry cargo containers with steel flooring, 20-foot containers with custom fittings, Container Energy Storage Systems (CESS), 20-foot high bulk containers, and tank containers for aquaculture. These container products have been specifically designed to meet the usage needs of different industries and specific needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Shipping Container

  • Size and specifications: Determine the size and specifications that best suit your needs. Standard sizes include 20-foot and 40-foot containers, but there are also high cube containers, refrigerated containers, and more specialized options available.

  • Condition: Assess the condition of the container. Used containers may have wear and tear, rust, or dents, so inspect them thoroughly. New containers are less likely to have damage but come at a higher cost.

  • Budget: Determine your budget and explore pricing options. Consider not only the purchase price, but also additional costs such as transportation, modifications, and maintenance.

  • Supplier reputation: Research and choose a reputable supplier. Read customer reviews, check their certifications, and inquire about their experience and warranties provided. This will ensure that you are buying from a trusted source.

  • Delivery and logistics: Consider how the shipping container will be delivered and positioned on your property. Make sure you have sufficient space for delivery and have any necessary permits or permissions in place.

How Much Do Shipping Containers Cost?

The cost of shipping containers depending on a number of factors, such as the size, condition, and location of the container.

Prices for shipping containers can also vary depending on location, as shipping costs etc. Additionally, modifications to the container can add to the overall cost. For example, adding windows, doors, or insulation can increase the price, while basic modifications such as painting or adding a lockbox may be included in the purchase price.

On the other hand, price of shipping containers can also be affected by supply and demand, as well as other factors such as tariffs and global economic conditions. Additionally, modifications to the container, such as adding windows or insulation, can also increase the cost.

When purchasing a shipping container, it’s important to consider not just the upfront cost, but also any additional costs such as delivery and modification fees. Working with a reputable supplier can help you find the best quality container for your needs at a fair price.

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