WFH Shipping Containers For Rent

WFH is a reliable provider of comprehensive shipping container rental services. Our offerings cater to the diverse needs of different industries, with flexible rental terms and a wide selection of container types. We prioritize customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, guaranteeing businesses around the globe a smooth and hassle-free rental experience.

Types of Shipping Containers For Rent

Dry Container

Dry Container is the most versatile of all container types and can be used for the storage and transport of a wide range of goods.

Refrigerated Shipping Container

Reefer container is designed for the transport and storage of temperature controlled products. Goods can be kept at a certain temperature for long periods of time by means of built in machinery.

Open Side Container

Open Side Door Container has sides that can be fully or partially opened to access the interior. The sides can be made of steel doors or tarpaulin. Convenient for loading and unloading cargo.

Double Door Container

Double Door container is designed to cater for the storage of different goods in the same container by having doors at both ends.

Why Renting Shipping Containers is a Cost-Effective Solution for Businesses

1. Flexibility: Renting shipping containers allows businesses to adapt to changing storage needs, avoiding the cost of purchasing and maintaining containers they may not always need.

2. No Maintenance Costs: When renting, the responsibility of maintenance and repairs falls on the rental company, saving businesses from unexpected expenses.

3. Cash Flow Management: Renting allows businesses to manage their cash flow better by converting a large capital expenditure into a manageable monthly expense.

4. Resale Value Concerns: Renting eliminates the worry about depreciation or having to resell the container, providing financial peace of mind for businesses.

How Renting Shipping Containers Supports the Circular Economy

1. Resource Optimization: Renting shipping containers promotes the efficient use of resources. Instead of manufacturing new containers, businesses can utilize existing ones, reducing the demand for raw materials and energy for production.

2. Waste Reduction: By renting, businesses can return containers when they’re no longer needed, preventing them from ending up in landfills. This practice significantly reduces waste and supports a more sustainable business model.

3. Extended Product Lifespan: Rental companies often refurbish and maintain shipping containers, extending their lifespan. This practice aligns with the circular economy’s principle of keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible.

4. Sharing Economy: Renting shipping containers is a form of the sharing economy, a key component of the circular economy. It allows multiple businesses to use the same container at different times, maximizing its utility and minimizing idle time.

5. Promoting Innovation: The rental model encourages innovative uses for shipping containers, such as pop-up shops or temporary housing. This creative reuse further supports the circular economy by adding value to an existing resource.

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