Port Houston Sets New Record for Container Exports




The terminals at Port Houston witnessed a remarkable surge in container volume, boasting a 20% increase compared to the corresponding month in the preceding year, culminating in a total of 375,965 TEUs.


In the initial duo of months in 2024, this American port beheld a cargo volume of 708,926 TEUs, signifying a 12% augmentation on a year-over-year basis.


Moreover, the ascendancy in loaded export volumes continued to spearhead growth, marking an impressive 25% elevation in February vis-à-vis the year prior, amassing 145,766 TEUs. This achievement heralded February as the zenith month for container exports in the annals of Port Houston.


In addition, the tally of loaded imports experienced an 18% upswing compared to February of the preceding year. Port authorities ascribe this robust performance and the sanguine outlook for the year’s remainder to substantial investments in infrastructural enhancements across Houston.


Port Houston has embarked on significant strides in expediting the expansion of its Houston Ship Channel – Project 11. Curtin Maritime Corp. has recently concluded the dredging of a three-and-a-half-mile stretch along the Houston Ship Channel. This endeavor has facilitated the removal of daylight restrictions, thereby extending vessel transit time by approximately 30 additional minutes.


Furthermore, Callan Marine has been awarded the concluding dredging contract for Project 11 under the aegis of Port Houston. This contract involves the dredging of the channel segment stretching from Bayport Container Terminal to Barbours Cut Container Terminal. Noteworthy is Callan Marine’s deployment of the most environmentally friendly cutter-section dredge of its kind in America for this undertaking.


“In our quest to widen the Channel, we have proceeded at an unparalleled pace to bestow the advantages upon our clientele and our region. By the year’s end, our Bayport Container Terminal will be poised to accommodate vessels of up to 15,000 TEUs," articulated Roger Guenther, the executive director at Port Houston.


The expansion of landside infrastructure at the container terminals of Port Houston is also in progress. The docking of the Paleisgracht general cargo vessel at Barbours Cut heralded the arrival of seven new hybrid-electric rubber-tired gantry (RTG) cranes, signifying the commencement of a series of RTG deliveries slated for Port Houston terminals throughout the annum. The anticipation for the arrival of new ship-to-shore (STS) cranes at Bayport is set for this summer.