Remark and Explanation on the Container Door


The container door not only protects your cargo but also provides specific information about the container.

This article will help you to know the components of the shipping container's door and show remarks and explanations on the container door


  • The components of the shipping container's door

  • Remark and explanation

  • Special containers with dedicated doors



1/ The components of the shipping container's door

The container door is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable. A fully functional box door is crucial to ensure the safe arrival of goods at the destination.



The Shim at the top and bottom of the box door can improve the overall sealing of the box, preventing water, moisture, and other foreign objects from entering and damaging your goods.


The hinge pins on both sides ensure that the hinge can move freely when frequently opening and closing the box door.


In addition, the vertical locking device is used to firmly secure the box door.


The lock box can provide additional protection for your box. It is actually a steel box with a padlock inside. The lock box can prevent others from coming into contact with the padlock and is an excellent means of preventing theft. It can also prevent rusting and wear on the box lock.


2/Remark and explanation


Classification Decal: Each container must pass the strength and cargo suitability test of the classification society.


Owner’s Logo is usually showing a shipping company, freight forwarder or NVOCC.


Maintenance Commendations: indicates that the container needs repair.


Container Serial Number: A container number is a unique sequence of 4 letters and 7 numbers. This number is assigned by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for worldwide identification.


Consolidated Plate: Once containers pass safety testing, they receive a CSC safety nameplate. It records the name of the manufacturer and owner of the box and other important information.


Container Dimensions: Displays all important dimensions and capacity data, including the box's own weight, cargo weight and loading volume


Height Decal: Mandatory warning sign for all containers over 8.6 feet (2.4 meters) tall.


Manufacturer's Serial Number: Indicates the manufacturer of the container



3/ Special containers with dedicated doors


The long sides of the Open-side door containers can be opened separately to facilitate the loading and unloading of special-shaped or large dry goods. It is also convenient for multiple workers to load and unload at the same time, improving work efficiency.

Double-door containers are equipped with doors at the front and rear ends to facilitate quick loading and unloading of cargo. This type of special cabinet is generally used to transport cars, bicycles, boats, and motorcycles. They can be driven in from one end and out from the other end, eliminating tedious operations.

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